Koh Kong, Cambodian last paradise

Koh Kong, Cambodian last paradise

The breathtaking waterfalls, unspoiled islands and the magnificent Mangrove Forests are the pantheon of nature lovers


Waterfalls in Koh Kong (Camboya) © Ana Vega

Today I would like to describe one of the two most memorable days of my trip to Cambodia. It all began in the town of Koh Kong, Southwest Cambodia, a paradise which I fear will cease to be when some investors spoil that beauty by building some Resorts. In mid December 2013 I arrived in Koh Kong at noon, after leaving the “Magalluf” of Cambodia, called Shianoukville. At the very first moment I got down the bus in Koh Kong (it took 6 hours for the bus to drive 100 kilometres…), I wanted some action. In the hostel where I was staying they offered me to take me by motorbike to the waterfalls in the jungle, and I thought it was an excellent idea. So I got on the scooter with the brother of the director of the hostel and we entered the forest after driving 10 kilometres on an unpaved and dirty road.

On the way to the waterfalls of Koh Kong

During the driving in the jungle, among the mud and streams, and dodging tree branches that scratched our faces and arms (as usual in South East Asia, non of us wore helmet), suddenly the driver lost control of the scooter and we fell into a small creek. It was not a serious accident, but two days later I had a bruise that lasted over two months. Still, it was worth it. When we got to the waterfalls, the sense of peace that I felt, despite the intensity of the roar of the water rushing between the rapids and rocks, was indescribable. For the first time since I arrived in Cambodia I could feel freedom. Away from the chaos of driving in Southeast Asia, dirty, poverty and noise, there I could breath the nature, smelled the fresh water and felt the vegetation life. There was no one in there.


Ana Vega in the waterfalls of Koh Kong (Cambodia) © Ana Vega

Natural Spa at the waterfalls

There was a point in the waterfalls where the water was a little more calmed, flowing peacefully. There I took a bath that made me feel like being in heaven. I felt some sort of animals caressing my legs, but I did not care at all. I was just enjoying the peace and vastness of the wild nature. When I returned to the rocks where the driver was waiting for me, he told me that I should just have a natural shower under the waterfalls. As I approached the waterfalls, hundreds of small animals (shaped like worms) were in small stagnant water that lay between the rocks. I finally went to the waterfall rocks and I wisely hold onto the rocks to get further on the slippery stones which the heavily water was falling. At first I was afraid, basically to slip by the pressure of water and fall to the rapids, but in the end it was a unique experience that I would not hesitate to repeat every day if that paradise was also in Mallorca. I let the water falling from the waterfall touch my body with so much intensity that my muscles rippled as if I were falling from the sky on a parachute. I can definitely say that this is the best spa I’ve ever been in my life. Of course, without warranties of suffering an irreparable accident. You can find some pictures of this amazing adventure on the section Photography.


Mangrove Forests in Koh Kong (Camboya) © Ana Vega

Mangrove forests in the wild sanctuary Peam Krasop

After the bath we went to the mangrove forest, a magical place and also vital because their huge roots protect the coast from possible tsunamis. Apparently and according to Natura Generation, “in the wild sanctuary Peam Krasop in the province of Koh Kong, the mangroves play a vital role in the balance of coastal ecosystems, and protecting coral reefs and grasslands, while retaining sediment that nourishes sea life.” The quite walk down the runway without any railing that jutted among mangroves was an extraordinary experience. I also was in absolute solitude, because tourists often visited those woods in the morning, with organized tours. After sitting around half an hour on one of the runways, just listening to the silence – sometimes interrupted by some sort of bird I could not identify, I returned to the hostel, took a shower and finally slept almost seven hours straight.

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