Hot air balloons falling from the sky

Hot air balloons falling from the sky

Donallop in Mar i Terra (Santa Catalina – Palma de Mallorca) © Ana Vega

These things catch you by surprise.

And I mean those times when you go to a concert led by your friends, not knowing exactly what you are going to see. You start hearing a voice as powerful as touching and chords of a captivating guitar. This is the couple Joana Pol and Pere Bestard, who created the music band Donallop that released their first EP in November 2013: Veus que vius (voices you live).

The concert took place on the Friday 10th of January at 9 pm at the culture centre Terra i Mar, located in the traditional fishing neighbourhood Santa Catalina. Nowadays, this pretty small town inside the city of Palma is the cradle of Mallorcan art, full of inspiration and home of music lovers like this Mallorcan couple who met in the summer of 2009. At that moment they began performing a repertoire of versions and doing some live performances, until they decided to compose their own songs, so emotional than exciting. The lyrics are pure poetry, and some of them, like the song Tantes multes (many fines) are inspired by the magical neighbourhood of Santa Catalina.

Això no és com ho havíem pensat,
tu no m’ho havies contat mai.
Aparcar damunt sa vorera
i amagar es mirall.

(This is not as we thought,
you haven’t told me ever.
Parking on the sidewalk
and hide the mirror).

The concert offered by Donallop was almost a recital, an intimate concert where musicians and spectators formed a magical unit, as familiar as funny, as beautiful as sincere. The naturalness and spontaneity of Joana and Pere was contagious, even when they performed songs by other songwriters, as Desire, by Jorge Drexler. And they had the collaboration of other musicians on some songs, like the brilliant Dan on guitar or Biel on double bass and a violinist with an exquisite technique and whose name I can not remember.

In the end, the Mallorcan couple sang the song Globus aerostàtics (hot air balloon) of the EP Veus que vius, and dozens of balloons flooded the whole culture centre of Santa Catalina, completely full to see this promising band who I predict a great future career both locally and internationally. In short, a magical and familiar, simple and touching concert that leave you a great remind and take you to bed full of dreams and hopes. And still now in my conscience resonates the phrase “without understanding how hot air balloons work” (“sense entendre com funcionen els globus aerostàtics”), the last words we could enjoy in this unforgettable concert.

Donallop: Vals

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