First TEDx Talk in Mallorca

First TEDx Talk in Mallorca

Some of the conferences on this first TED independently organized event in Palma were fun, others stimulating and inspiring, others touching, but certainly all of them were unforgettable.


First TEDxTalk in Palma de Mallorca © TEDxPasseigdesBorn

Every day I try to watch some of the talks organized by TED, a non- profit organization which slogan is “Ideas Worth Spreading”. TED was born in 1984 as a conference that brought together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment and Design. Since then it has become a real networking platform in which have participated personalities from all worlds, ages and nationalities who have “something” to convey to the world. And that “something” turns to be almost always exciting, intriguing or inspiring, or even all of these three things at once. Among the speakers at the TED conferences highlight Bill Gates, Al Gore, Isabel Allende and Philippe Starck, among others.


When I found out it was going to be organized the first TEDx Talk on the island I was excited. And inmediatly I signed up to the event with my friend Caty Ribas, Ph.D. in English at the University of Barcelona with her thesis entitled Neither here and nor there does water quench our thirst´: Duty, Obedience and Identity in Greek-Australian and Chinese-Australian Prose Fiction,1971-2005. A TEDx Talk, unlike the usual lectures that are organized officially by TED, is an independently organized event, but at the same time supported and spread by TED. The event in Palma de Mallorca, organized by Miguel Plovins, took place at the CaixaForum, under the name TEDxPasseigdesBorn. I can certaintly assure it was a success.

Enriching conferences on environment, education, medicine, etc.

Each and every one of the speakers excelled. Among them, Susana Malón, expert in efficiency energy and lighting, exposed plenty of options to reduce light pollution. Also participated Enrique Dubois, co-founder and CEO of (internet incubator projects), with an inspiring and entertaining lecture on entrepreneurship and how absurd it is sometimes the concept of multi-tasking. On the other hand, the Ph.D in Neuroscience Mercedes Martinez-Jauand offered an emotionally and moving talk about chronic pain and made some proposals to prevent this problem. I would also like to mention Lluís Amengual responsible for the environmental section in the Diario de Mallorca, who proposed creating more sustainable cities and inviting their citizens to create green areas on their roofs or balconies. However, certainly the most fun yet enriching conference was offered the Director of the Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca, Salvador Sánchez, who explained very briefly and simply how to discover asteroids and comets that cross the orbit of the earth, and in particular the famous Asteroid 2012 DA14 , which in February 2012 alerted and worried the international community.

In short, it was a memorable event and I wanted to express my thanks to the organizers and volunteers for making this first TEDxTalk in Mallorca, and hopefully not the last.

Soy periodista, con una inclinación natural e inevitable por el Líbano en particular, y, en general, por todos los conflictos aparentemente minoritarios que podrían extrapolarse al resto del mundo. Estudié Periodismo y Humanidades y realicé un máster en Edición de Libros en la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Actualmente estoy volcada en el Grado de Estudios Ingleses y soy adicta al trabajo, a la literatura y a la fotografía. Desearía que los días tuvieran más horas para poder poner en práctica todas las ideas y proyectos que sueño en las pocas horas que duermo.